Herbalist, Naturopath & Iridologist

Adam has over 5 years of experience in herbal medicine and naturopathy. He’s seen and treated people with all manner of issues. His holistic approach to healing means he is able to address the root cause of health imbalances.

Adam is fascinated with the healing power of plants and has supplemented his training at The College of Naturopathic Medicine with additional courses in Iridology, foraging and medicine making. He is interested in treating the person and not the disease, drawing knowledge from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and the Western Herbal Tradition.



The initial consultation includes a detailed case history taken with questions about your medical history, your current health status, lifestyle and diet. Assessment techniques may include a blood pressure check, physical examination, tongue and pulse examination, your eyes may be examined with a torch and magnifying glass and pictures will also be taken.

(Please bring a list of medications that you are on with you to the consultation)

Your Personal Herbal Remedy

A herbal remedy, which is specifically made for you, will usually be prescribed and/or nutritional supplements, lifestyle modifications, dietary changes may be suggested. Herbal remedies are completely natural and are a gentler form of medicine, this can mean that they will work slower than pharmaceuticals, thus you will be advised to return for a follow-up appointment in two to four weeks. 

Further appointments may be necessary to assess whether your prescription requires adjusting as your health improves.

Herbal remedies most commonly come in the form of tincture (plant constituents extracted in water and alcohol), herbal teas, powders, capsules, creams, oils and ointments.

Price List

Initial Consultation

Up to 90 mins


Follow-up consultation

30 – 45 mins



Herbal Remedies 

The cost of herbal remedies is in addition to the consultation fee.
Dried herbs/teas start from £6 (for a 100g)
Herbal powders start from £10 (for a 100g)
100ml of tincture (most commonly a weeks worth of medicine) is £11
Prescriptions will be either posted or left to be picked up at reception on a scheduled date (Additional charge for postage and packaging may apply)


From £6