EFT Practitioner

Alisa Tsykhotsky supports the health and wellbeing of individuals, workplaces and communities enabling them to thrive by identifying methods of movement, development and growth. Her passion for providing holistic psychosocial advice and personal, hands-on approach enables Alisa to help drive positive change on an individual, micro level right through to redefining macro level strategies for healthy and inclusive workplace cultures.

Alisa was born in Sochi, Russia, raised in Stockholm and is currently based in London where she has studied and worked since 2007. She has lived experience of adapting to culture through the lens of a first-generation immigrant and growing up as a refugee in Denmark, and then Stockholm. Alisa holds an MA in Psychosocial Studies, a foundation in Group Analysis, and a BA in Sociology, as well as having completed training in coaching, mental health and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Alisa has completed her Level 2 in EFT and is an accredited and certified EFT practitioner registered with EFT International. Alisa has helped individuals struggling with trauma and addictions, depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem and low confidence issues and worked with individuals experiencing chronic health issues and eating issues.

Since 2017, Alisa has worked in Higher Education, supporting students 1:1 with various barriers to learning, including disability, challenges to mental health, welfare issues and learning difficulties. She is also responsible for defining the wellbeing strategy for both students and staff through an integrated ‘Whole University’ approach.

Alisa has worked alongside the NHS and CMHT to support high risk individuals in the field of mental health and has led projects working with refugees and asylum seekers in need of transitional support, such as help with benefits and life skills. She has also supported the homeless community in Newham, overseeing prevention and awareness activities designed to bring change to residents’ lives from a holistic perspective.

Price List


20 mins via phone or zoom


EFT Session

60 mins


Block of 4 Sessions

60 mins each




Student Rate

60 mins




Student Rate Block of 4 Sessions

60 mins each