Aromatherapy is designed to help promote the health of the body, mind and spirit with the science of blending naturally extracted essential oils from aromatic plants. These oils occur in plants, flowers, leaves, roots, resins, seeds and fruits which each have their own unique healing properties.

Plants have developed their own defences against many sources of attack, for example, this is why essential oils often take on antimicrobial, antibacterial and many other qualities. Aromatherapy has been used in various ways from as far back as Ancient Egypt however, the ‘founder’ is known to be Gattefosse who introduced aromatherapy to the western world in 1937. He realised that essential oils have therapeutic properties rather than just their aesthetic as a perfume. Essential oils may enhance well-being, relieve stress and help in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body.

During an aromatherapy treatment the client will receive a gentle, soothing, full body massage which promotes deep relaxation. A consultation will guide the therapist to create a unique, natural blend of essential oils and carrier oils which suit the individual’s needs. This blend will be used topically and diffused during the client’s treatment.


Izzy Sivvery

Izzy Sivvery

Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist

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