Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication. In art therapy, art is used as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing. Art therapy has many benefits, from boosting your self-esteem and providing you with a safe outlet to relieve your emotions, to giving you a sense of control over your life and helping you to get to know and understand yourself better.

Since the focus is on the process and not the final product, art therapy is not about becoming a great artist but about finding meaning and connection in your life. All you need for it is a willingness to experiment.

Some of the main aims of art therapy are to: manage behaviours, process feelings, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

Self-discovery: Creating art can help you acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been lurking in your subconscious.
Self-esteem: The process will give you a feeling of self-accomplishment which can be very valuable to improve your self-appreciation and confidence.
Emotional release: The greatest benefit of art therapy is giving you a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go of all your feelings and fears. Complex emotions such as sadness or anger sometimes cannot be expressed with words. When you are unable to express yourself, but desire emotional release, making art may help you to do it.
Stress relief: Fighting anxiety, depression or emotional trauma can be very stressful for you both mentally and physically. Creating art can be used to relieve stress and relax your mind and body.

It is very important to know that you don’t have to be a talented artist in order to try art therapy. Human beings are innately creative, and all you need to do to complete an art therapy activity successfully is, to be honest with yourself and your emotions.


Denise Scicluna

Denise Scicluna

Art Psychotherapist

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