Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Bukky is a certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, qualifying at NLP School, London.
How do we overcome personal challenges and clarify a compelling future? Bukky empowers clients to map out a course of action befitting the client.

Transform limiting beliefs, discover core values, improve relationships, change life scripts, cure phobias and create a powerful inner state. Bukky works with clients to get to know their full potential.

Graduating in Law from the University of Liverpool, Bukky swiftly decided that a career in wellness and the arts were his path. Now working in mental health, supporting disadvantaged people into employment, Bukky balances Life coaching with his other passion as Music Artist, “Bukky Sky”.


Peak Performance

Identity – Dig Deeper

Relationships and Communication

Major Life Changes

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Emotional State Change

Phobia Cure

Price List

Session by Session


Block of 6 Sessions

60 mins each


Block of 12 Sessions

60 mins each