Art Psychotherapist

Denise Scicluna is a qualified art psychotherapist with 6 years+ experience of working with children, young people, and families. She currently works with the national mental health charity Place2Be as a clinical supervisor and has her art therapy private practice. She is HCPC and BAAT registered.

Denise’s approach is primarily Jungian based and psychodynamic but also integrates mindfulness into the art-making process in therapy. Her approach is based on three core values that are very close to her heart:

  • Everyone can be creative
  • Creativity and art have transformational benefits
  • Change should be embraced kindly and compassionately

As an art therapist and an abstract painter, she is passionate about sharing the knowledge of how art-making and creative processes within a safe space can lead to a better understanding of life and oneself.

Denise believes that the act of art-making and creativity can be an act of self-care and a way of nurturing ourselves. When done in a safe and trusting space, art-making leads to healing and new ways of thinking as it connects people to their own limiting beliefs, narratives, self-critic and other habits and patterns that might no longer be serving them anymore.

In her art therapy sessions, she provides a non-judgemental space for people to release their creativity and helps them get unstuck from a life they feel dissatisfied with, leading to living their life with a greater sense of clarity, purpose, joy, and fulfillment.