Pronouns: she, her

Teacher, Dancer & Creator

Emma is a teacher, dancer and creator who teaches people about the mind-body connection, the nervous system, somatic release and embodiment practices. Her brand and workshop Movement is Medicine that the formulated using dance, music and somatic meditation to help people get out of their head and into their body and release anything they’re holding onto such as tension, stress, trauma or emotions.

Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine is a workshop designed to get you out of your head and into your body, working with the physical body to release anything causing blockages, pain, tension or stress internally. We hold onto things as human beings instead of allowing ourselves to let things go through the power of our body. This workshop is designed to teach and guide you through a somatic meditation to get you out of your head and feeling into the physical body and then as we create this awareness we use freeform dance and movement to let it go. Using a specially curated playlist featuring world music, electronic music and tribal sounds, this class is for those looking to connect back into themselves and let go of anything that isn’t serving them, whilst having fun!


Movement is Medicine