Heartfulness Coach & Creative Mentor

Essi Auguste Virtanen is an intuitive heartfulness coach supporting people to drop out of their mind and into their heart centre to live a life where your “heart feels full.”

She challenges individuals to think from their heart centre and connect with your heart where your authentic truth, clarity, purpose and enthusiasm for life are found. She holds a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and BA in Journalism.

Her coaching is grounded in positive psychology and holistic wellbeing and uses a person-centred and narrative approach to find the answers from within the client, and the stories they tell and live by. She also mentors creatives to open their creative blocks and find flow in their authentic expression.

Coaching Areas: Inner connection, finding direction and purpose, holistic wellbeing, emotional awareness and regulation, holistic understanding of self, coping with change/transition, healing from a breakup, releasing limiting narratives, values and strengths, self-love, relationships, creativity and flow, time-management, spirituality


Coaching Areas

Finding Your Purpose


Emotional Awareness

Coping with Change





Price List

Free 30 min introduction call


Client Session

60 mins


Session (Student Rate)

60 mins



4 Sessions Bundle

60 mins per session



4 Sessions Bundle (Student Rate)

60 mins per session


6 Sessions Bundle

60 mins per session


6 Sessions Bundle (Student Rate)

60 mins per session