Reiki Energy Healer


Just back from studying in Bali and learning from local energy experts, Faye is on a mission to develop her offering and to open more eyes to alternative methods of healing and energy management.

Trained to Reiki Level Two, a certified Angel Card reader and a student of ‘‘The Science of Wellbeing’ shortcourse by Harvard University, Faye also works with the moon, crystals, meditation/visualisation, scents, music, mantras and more to tap into all of the senses during energy work sessions, to amplify the movement of energy. This balances out the chakras (energy centres) in the body, as well as helping the client to focus on what they really want from life and guidance on how to stay focused on achieving it.



Intuitive Angel Card Readings

During a one on one session, Faye will tap into angel energies to enquire about whatever is on your mind at the moment.

The session will start with a general consultation and meditation, leading in to any of the below readings, offering guidance and insight throughout, peppered with divine wisdom;

  • Week / month reading
  • Past, present, future reading 
  • Deeper general reading 
  • Soul purpose reading
  • Relationships reading 
  • Questions around a current situation 

The session will be followed up with your recurring themes and any additional advice relating to anything that came up regarding your reading and situation.

Sessions will be held on zoom. In person sessions will resume post lockdown restrictions.

Intuitive Reiki and Angel Energy Healing Session

A multi sensory energy healing session – one on one, in person and online (distant reiki)

An intuitive Reiki energy healing session guided by angel energies designed to help you step into and balance your feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies through the powers of clearing, healing, grounding. (For all genders) 

An ancient Japanese energy healing technique, Rei (divine wisdom) and ki (life force energy) is channelled into the chakras, energy centers in the body, to encourage a relaxed, beta state which can then activate physical, emotional and spiritual healing by moving energy through the chakras (private sessions in Bali or by Zoom worldwide).    

The sessions focus on moving energy at chakra points most blocked or overactive, amplified by, scents, crystals (in person) angel cards, mantras and music to encourage the flow of energy, bespoke to the clients needs in that moment, meaning no one session is the same.    

Using her experience in the music industry and as a DJ as well as guided intuitions, Faye delivers a fluid music experience throughout the session with the Hz and frequencies needed in that moment, aligned with the chakras in focus.

New Moon Manifestation Guidance / Full Moon SOS

New Moon is a powerful time for going inwards, thinking about what it is that you really want from life, what will spark joy for you, what do you need to bring in or resolve to move forwards with current goals.

Book in some time for a private workshop on how to set intentions for the specific new moon phase that month, and how you can manifest in the most powerful way for you, using crystals, scents, meditations, frequencies, visualisations, mantras, elements and more.

Full Moon is also another really powerful yet intense time of the month. Book in some time to learn how to harness these energies for your best use, and how to neutralise anything else coming up for you around this time of the lunar cycle.

Price List

Intuitive Angel Card Readings


Intuitive Reiki and Angel Energy Healing Session

60 mins


New Moon Manifestation Guidance / Full Moon SOS