A Balanced Life Fertility Centre

In the heart of Hackney Wick

One in six couples face difficulty in conceiving and most fertility treatments feel long, scary and women are left feeling unsupported.

At the ABL fertility centre, we support women’s health and help people start their families with holistic fertility treatment and IVF optimisation. We work in short, 3-month cycles, combining our expertise and nurturing the physical, mental and emotional needs of our clients, revitalising innate creativity.

Our programme combines fertility acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, counselling and other supporting therapies.

We Work With

– Couples who want to conceive naturally
– Women who need physical/emotional mental support to conceive naturally
– For women recovering from IVF cycles
– For women before and during their IVF cycle

Our primary concern is to remove the obstacles to health and to create the optimal environment for emotional and physical well-being. We seek to address the root causes of infertility and return you to balance.

What We Offer

Nutrition For Fertility With Tea Novo 

Numerous studies and our own clinical clinical experience shows us the importance of diet for improving fertility, preventing miscarriages and supporting a healthy pregnancy.

Our treatment plan will include a consultation with our nutritionist Tea Novo, offering a nutritional plan to either boost your fertility or prepare you for pregnancy.

The Nutrition plan focuses on specific nutrient dense foods needed for the correct working of your reproductive system, hormonal balance, sperm health and provide all the necessary building blocks for a healthy pregnancy.

Tea will also offer supplement recommendations to address any deficiencies that can affect the health of your reproductive system.

A comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites is offered on top of nutrition and supplement programme.


Natural Fertility Acupuncture With Louisa Habgood

There are many grey areas in reproductive medicine, misdiagnosed reasons for infertility and unexplained infertility. Chinese Medicine has many answers to these issues. The primary reason is that Acupuncture and herbs can play an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle. For some women who have never had a reliable cycle, it can be a big surprise. This is what Louisa Habgood says about working with fertility-

“In my clinical practice I see many women that are suffering from chronic problems with their cycles and reproductive health, many due to being on oral contraceptives for many years, I’ve seen that on average, a period of 3 months of treatment is what it needs to bring women back to health and peak fertility.”

“Even women that have been identified as having a low egg reserve can benefit immensely from having acupuncture”
Louisa has been an acupuncturist for over 10 years and has successfully supported many couples in their journey (in collaboration with Tea)

Acupuncture And IVF

Acupuncture is the most commonly used adjunctive therapy to IVF with many clinics recommending it alongside treatment.

A 2018 HFEA report said acupuncture is used in over a quarter of all IVF cycles. Used predominantly to increase success rates, it can also be useful in helping support couples as they go through an emotionally challenging time.

acupuncture works to aid implantation rates and subsequent healthy pregnancies in IVF, other assisted conception treatments, IUI and donor.

Counselling For Fertility
With Sarah Janes

Sarah Janes is an LGBTQ+ affirming person-centred counsellor and is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. She has experience in supporting individuals and couples embarking on their journey to pregnancy and the issues that can arise around this.

The pathway for trying to conceive can feel cold and medicalised, with statistics and decision making often at the centre of the process rather than emotions, which can be put to one side. As a result, individuals and couples can often feel very isolated and counselling is an opportunity for individuals and couples to discuss any emotional difficulties, fears and anxieties that they may experience during their journey in becoming parents.

Counselling for fertility encourages individuals & couples to unpack their emotions and feelings about the process. It is not uncommon for counselling for fertility to address elements of what you might see in couples therapy. In addition, it can help in the presence of a traumatic event and feelings of anger, guilt, blame and social withdrawal that may occur with such events.

Other Therapies That Complement The Programme

Alisa is an accredited and certified EFT practitioner and is a student in Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry programme as of February 2022. Alisa is healing and supporting individuals using EFT tapping to recover and reconnect from ongoing anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD and help those that struggle with low-self esteem or confidence, fears and phobias. Her work is mainly based at the University of Sunderland in London with University students, but she also runs her own private practice and is a practitioner at ABL.