Existential Therapist

Therapy gives you the chance to get to know and understand yourself better. My existential and narrative approach aims at assisting you in finding meaning and making sense of your life as it may be confusing at the moment. Exploring together the impact of your present and past experiences can help you navigate the many challenges of human existence more easily. By taking stock of your current situation, whether you are feeling lost in possibilities or stuck in patterns, counselling offers you the opportunity to tell and reshape your own life story.

This process of wondering can enable you to open up future possibilities and discover your own way and purpose in life as you become more aware of your emotions, behaviours and resources. But also of your needs, values and aspirations, of what really matters to you.

By providing a welcoming and containing space, genuine and non-judgemental curiosity as well as various alternative philosophical or clinical perspectives, I offer to facilitate this encounter with yourself in the hope that it leads you to personal growth, increased balance and renewed self-acceptance.

Price List

Counselling Session

50 minutes