Trainee Counsellor

Hello, I’m Leeza Blackwell, a counsellor with a heart for helping others navigate life’s challenges. My journey into counselling began through my roles as a mother, grandmother, and later as a Teaching Assistant in a high school. Working with disengaged students, many of whom faced difficult life circumstances, I discovered the power of empathy and active listening in building meaningful rapport. This experience sparked my passion for counselling, motivating me to train professionally to support a wider range of individuals. In my practice, I strive to create a calm, patient, and non-judgmental space for my clients. As a student member of the BACP, I am committed to their ethical framework, and my approach is person-centred, focusing on the unique needs of each client.


Talking Therapy

Talking therapies can help you work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes. They can help people who are feeling distressed by difficult events in their  lives as well as people with mental health problems. Talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you deal with times when you feel troubled about something. If you turn a worry in your mind it can grow. But talking about it can help you work out what is bothering you and why, and this is where talking  to a professional therapist can help.

Price List

Counselling Session

50 mins


please consult with Leeza for discounts on block bookings