Energy Healer

Megan is a professional dancer and has trained all of her life. Coming from such a strict and perfectionist industry, she was reminded of and brought home to the healing powers of expressive and intuitive movement when she discovered ecstatic dance in Bali. It enabled her to rewire and remember what dance truly means and how beneficial it is. Unlocking such movement therapy has helped her with creativity, self-confidence and a sense of self. Megan has continued to pass and spread this experience for the past decade, guiding many spaces and individuals across the country and various places worldwide.

Along her journey, Megan has qualified as a Kundalini Global Teacher, facilitates energy healing through reiki and holds card readings using tarot and oracle. With the power of her imagination and from receiving a certified qualification, Megan guides meditations and visualisations from breath works to transporting visualisations.

From what Megan has gathered and continues to learn, she has created an online container called The Silent P Club. This space is an online library filled with self-care tips and mindfulness exercises and includes monthly in-person gatherings. The club is to help you build your unique healing tool kit that helps regulate and bring you home to your body. For more information, head to, and you can keep up to date via socials on Instagram and Facebook.’