Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Hi, my name is Naz,

I believe the mind, body, and soul are a whole. They all affect each other and we need a balance between them. How we treat them, how we nourish them, which parts we grow… It all affects who we are and how we experience life.

I am a Life Coach and NLP practitioner with more than 10 years of experience.

I’ve started this journey to find the best version of myself and on the way, I want to help others find their own path.

Life Coaching revolves around changing beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Changing the ones that have a negative impact on you.

In my sessions, I use the power of mindfulness, NLP(neuro-linguistic programming), and holistic coaching. Our sessions are centred around finding balance, authenticity, and clarity in your life, relationships, and work. I tailor my sessions to your needs and your rhythm.

I tailor a new approach for every client. The aim of our sessions is to keep balance in our lives to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

Life Coaching Can Help You

To help with emotional problems, such as uncontrollable anger, anxiety, and depression.

To aid in the reduction or elimination of phobias.

To help reduce stress and enhance relaxation.

To help improve eating patterns and assist in weight management.

To help enhance life in general.

To achieve personal and professional goals.


Meditation is a great way to deal with anxiety, stress and even chronic pain. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice to meditation or it is already in your daily routine. Just come with an open mind and an open heart. Believe that you will get whatever you need from these sessions.