Integrative Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

As the therapeutic relationship is key to Counselling, I urge you to explore my & other ABL counsellor profiles to help make the right choice for you…

My corporate background enabled me to travel extensively, delivering People Development, Coaching & Project Management around the world. This has allowed me to work with & appreciate people from many walks of life, continuing in my Counselling Practice today. For you, this means that I have learnt to value people as unique individuals where I appreciate how tough it can be to share thoughts & feelings, so how we will work together will respect that. My experience taught me that for many reasons, life can be distressing; we can become stuck & feel we have nowhere to turn. I became a Counsellor to be a person people can turn towards – working with their uniqueness & helping them to make positive changes to move forward in their lives.

My Counselling experience, in addition to private practice, includes working with Cruse Bereavement Care, a London Hospice & working with a young people’s Sports Charity, designing mental health programmes & providing counselling & group-therapy. As a member of the BACP, I am fully qualified & work ethically & in your interest. Rather than ‘labelling’ the areas I work with, my experience includes working with all manner of emotional difficulties & life events that prevent us from leading the life we want.

My approach, as we are all susceptible to the challenges life throws at us, I firmly believe in working with the person & not the ‘label’. My integrative training allows me to dynamically draw from a broad toolkit where together, we will decide on what approaches work best for you & agree on the number of sessions. The clients I work with tell me that the genuine, empathic space I provide allows them to truly be themselves & explore difficult experiences & emotions without fear of being judged. This, in itself, can be a very healing process. I am also completing training to include other creative interventions for when it’s difficult to express emotions through words.

When I’m not working I enjoy yoga, long walks, great food & the odd loud rock gig & fringe theatre production. I still love to travel & continue to tick far distant exotic cultures & countries off my bucket list.