Iridology is a non-invasive method of analysis that enables you to gain insight into specific aspects of health. History dating back to the ancient Babylonians confirms that this method was used to determine health problems. Modern history has seen advances in both understanding and technique to the point where it is employed by many practitioners in both alternate and mainstream medicine as a system of health assessment. An iris evaluation will enable you to identify specific constitutional aspects of yourself relative to genetic factors. This makes it possible to determine health and lifestyle considerations that could possibly increase the quality of life. In addition to this, it is possible to determine organ weakness, spinal misalignment, and to some extent, psychological attributes.

It is not meant to replace conventional diagnoses but should be seen in the context of providing information that might identify specific predispositions.

Adam uses iridology as part of a wholistic case history taken to help understand you more as a whole and guide the treatment protocol.


Gul Ipek Yurttas

Gul Ipek Yurttas

Herbalist, Naturopath & Iridologist