Discover the transformative power of sports massage – a specialised therapeutic approach designed for athletes and active individuals. Tailored to target muscle soreness, tension, and injury prevention, sports massage employs various techniques to meet your specific needs.

Performed before, during, or after sporting events, pre-event massage readies muscles for activity improves circulation, and boosts flexibility. During-event massage helps maintain performance levels and manages soreness or tension. Post-event massage reduces soreness, aids muscle recovery, and promotes relaxation.

Our skilled therapists utilise techniques like Swedish strokes, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, and joint mobilisation, adapting the pressure to your preferences.

Experience a myriad of benefits: improved circulation, increased flexibility, reduced muscle tension, enhanced performance, injury prevention, and quicker recovery. Elevate your well-being mentally and emotionally as well, with stress reduction, relaxation, and mood improvement through endorphin release.

Embrace self-care and mindfulness during your sports massage sessions, optimising your overall health and performance. Consult our qualified sports massage therapists or healthcare professionals to book your personalised session and unleash your full potential both on and off the field.


Gul Ipek Yurttas

Gul Ipek Yurttas

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