Nutritional Therapist & Naturopath

My own journey in nutrition began when, within the popular offered solutions, I found no remedy to my own health crises.

I realised that most medication comes with side effects that potentially cause further health problems. I understood that disease is not a self-imposed or inherited condition, but a reflection of our choices, disconnection and a lack of direction and awareness.

I understood that food must be consumed seasonally, as fuel and nourishment, and not as a crutch, source of comfort or to alleviate boredom. I saw the importance of prevention, self-knowledge and daily work on our part, all of which must take place in order for us to reclaim the balance that leads to health.

I discovered that this work was my true calling. Helping myself and others get back to health offers me true fulfilment and happiness.

I do not specialise in one single area of health. My understanding is that the fine communication that exists between all the elements found in nature is mirrored in our own bodies and its organs. When one organ or organism is sick all of its parts suffer and struggle to maintain health of the whole. This interconnectedness is the foundation of a balanced and healthy body.

My working experience ranges from the gut and digestive health issues, hormonal health, allergies, fertility to eating disorders, addiction, stress and sleep.

Natural Help For:

Digestive disorders such as IBS



Coeliac Disease



Food Intolerances & Allergies

Skin Conditions such as eczema




Anxiety and Depression


Sleep disorders

Fertility problems

Pregnancy preparation




Childhood Illnesses


Nutritional Therapy