Spiritual Healers

Carla The Healer

Carla first started her spiritual journey 5-6 years ago. Carla started with learning Reiki a Japanese healing energy which helped her open the door to her healing gifts. She completed level 1 and level 2 and then explored her own intuitive healing techniques which were her own healing channels and stopped using the reiki energy altogether as her own channels were stronger. As her psychic and spirit channels opened and strengthened, Carla realised her purpose was to train and mentor other people into their own gifts. After 2 years of studying this on her clients and students she realised what she studied and done to herself worked on others. Carla is now a successful healer, mentor of bringing through and helping her students and clients to control and understand their spiritual gifts and does spiritual tarot readings for guidance from the spirit realm.

Faye The Oracle 

Faye first started her spiritual journey as Carla’s student. First of all Carla healed Faye consistently once a week for 8 months. Faye had always been spiritual and had a strong relationship with God. Faye’s gifts started to pull through once she was healed and realigned, Faye started to see energy and connect with Arch Angels. She then went on to explore her channels and connect to spirit, which guided her into doing spiritual readings. Faye then started to teach groups how to heal, led meditations and started to build a client base. Faye is now connected to her spirit guides and teaching others how to connect to their own guides. Faye is an intuitive healer, psychic, mentor and spiritual teacher.

Carla and Faye now own The Spiritual School Limited where they hold new moon and full moon healing events, online and in person workshops for personal healing or training of spiritual gifts. They also provide intention candles to use for rituals.

At The Spiritual School our aim is to provide high quality education in Energy healing, Energy, medical intuition, spirit release, psychic development, Meditation, mediumship, working with Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, spiritual awareness and much more. We offer online classes, courses as well as one day workshops to cater for a variety of needs and interests. Our teaching staff is of a high calibre, with many years of experience between them in their various fields of expertise.